Wonder Woman 1984 could use ’80s Aquaman, declares this fanart


DC Entertainment plays around with timelines anyway, but one fan has taken it a step further with introducing the other heroes to Wonder Woman 1984.

Wonder Woman, in the DC films, has been a heroine on and off since World War I. As we know, the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, will jump forward seven decades (oh, and bring back Steve Trevor, somehow). What it probably won’t do is move other heroes back. Although the Flash, Superman, Batman, and more have existed in the comics through the ’80s and to today, they weren’t active heroes in 1984 in the movies.

But one artist, Bosslogic, as found by CBR, tried to imagine how the other heroes of the Justice League would look if they joined Diana Prince in combating the Cheetah in the ’80s.

We’re not going to lie here: Some are better than others. Unsurprisingly, we’re most into the idea of a young Jason Momoa:

We’re pretty sure that this iteration of Jason Momoa comes from his time on Baywatch, just a little edited — check out that lifeguard’s surfboard. Hey, he might have had a formative experience as a young lifeguard seeing Wonder Woman in action, although he’s only in his 30s by the time of Justice League. In other words, the timeline’s a little wonky.

Well, we can’t disagree with ’80s-style Victor Stone enjoying the Transformers franchise. There’s a nice touch in his sunglasses as well, with one lens being red to symbolize his cybernetic eye.

Fans pointed out that this image of ’80s Barry Allen is one big reference to Back to the Future, and we honestly could see modern day Barry wearing at least one of these pieces in his own movie or in another film that he appears in.

Superman’s had a mullet before, so this is practically canon already. Granted, he was probably a lad in the ’80s, but baby mullets are also acceptable.

Excuse you, Bruce Wayne.

There’s only one fanny pack wearing man in Wonder Woman 1984.

And that man is Steve Trevor.

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