Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger: Can Detective O’Reilly be trusted?


Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger has a wild card in Detective Brigid O’Reilly. Tyrone just put his faith in her, but should he really trust her?

Since Cloak and Dagger’s premiere, I’ve found myself wondering what’s the point of Detective Brigid O’Reilly?

She followed Tandy through the first few episodes, was unable to help with the near-rape, and yet somehow, Tandy told Tyrone she can be trusted? Tyrone goes and finally confronts her about the cop who killed his brother, Connors. She told him not to get involved, to let the cops handle it.

Now she’s doing some digging of her own on the subject.

But… can she really be trusted?

We know very little about her so far, only that she’s encountered both Tandy and Tyrone. She came from New York, taking on drug rings, and now runs with a guys’ club on the NOPD. And she’s casually hooking up with another cop in the back of his cruiser.

We just don’t know enough to really trust her. What does she get out of uncovering Billy’s death at the hand of Connors? Has Connors been standing in her way of a promotion since her arrival?

There has to be something for her to gain from all of this. Cloak and Dagger needs to sell us on wanting to root for O’Reilly. They need to get us to trust her, because right now, it’s hard to.

The most recent episode ended with O’Reilly and Connors having a bonding moment. That sets up a lot of different possibilities for these two characters.

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It’s inevitable that O’Reilly will set up Connors, especially now that he’s more casual around her. But will it be for her benefit or Tyrone’s?