Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger season 1 episode 5 review: Princeton Offense


Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger doubles down on the high school action and the superpowers this week, as Tandy and Tyrone keep coming back to each other.

If you’ve been waiting for the episode of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger that exudes teenage drama, this week’s episode gets pretty close. There’s gifting of letter jackets!

Not-So-Short Summary

I honestly thought it was an actual ad that started this week’s episode and definitely muted my television. Anyway—Tandy is deep in the Roxxon mystery, having raided her mom’s boyfriend’s fireproof safe.

Detective O’Reilly and Tyrone seem to have joined forces. They’re trying to take down Tyrone’s dirty cop, but O’Reilly suggests Tyrone just go and be a kid.

Surprisingly, Tandy shows up at Tyrone’s school and they act surprisingly cordial. Tyrone hooks her up in the computer lab. She opens up about mastering her powers, which Tyrone really can’t believe.

Obviously, Tyrone isn’t really feeling anything in regards to the basketball game… or really any part of the high school drama/experience. Can you blame him? Tandy shows up out of nowhere and he’s expected to keep acting normal?

In another fun parallel, we get to see Tandy and Tyrone’s evenings. Tyrone plays in the state finals while Tandy poses as a… lady of the evening? Is that the best way to put it? She’s at a Roxxon charity gala.

Both of them are trying to make strategic moves… when Tyrone’s basketball ends up bouncing right in front of Tandy, losing her target. But hey, she walks through and uses her powers to see everyone’s hopes.

Until Tyrone shows up having teleported from the locker room. Tandy gets him back by shoving him over the edge of the balcony, tumbling into a fountain — and back to the locker room. Unfortunately, Tyrone’s buzzer-beater shot is just wide, and St. Seb’s loses the state finals.

The Roxxon mystery man behind it all? Peter Scarborough. Tandy shows up at his house, claiming a flat tire, light dagger ready to stab him at a moment’s notice, but only for a moment. His hopes are all kinds of dark — picking wads of money off of drowned construction workers from the Roxxon rig that exploded.

Tyrone also teleports to Billy’s friends chop shop where he overhears a conversation between him and the mystery cop.

Badass Moment of the Week

There wasn’t one in particular, but more of the ease and freedom Tandy uses when it comes to her powers. Tyrone’s run in the last ten seconds of the game also felt pretty awesome, as he finally grasps what he can do.

Best One-Liner

“And look at that — we got so close to passing the Bechdel test,” Detective O’Reilly panders at a possible perp.

This episode does give us a heartfelt moment between Tyrone and his mother, reminiscing about Billy. How proud he’d be of Tyrone being in the state finals.

Detective O’Reilly’s doing some digging on the mystery cop. And pulling Tandy’s old boyfriend into things. She also gets some coke off a perp and then uses it to have a moment with the cop she and Tyrone are after.

Just you wait for next week’s episode. Cloak and Dagger is just getting started.

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