Game of Thrones fans have the chance to help charity and win memorabilia at the same time


How would you like to display a giant Game of Thrones stamp in your house? How would you like to display a giant and signed Game of Thrones stamp?

There are levels of fandom, even for a powerhouse show like Game of Thrones. We here at Culturess would know, since as part of the FanSided network, we’ll be talking about the Fandom 250 later this year and helping to rank the 250 greatest fandoms in the world.

All of this is to say that the idea of bidding for huge versions of Game of Thrones stamps signed by the actors who bring the characters to life is apparently not a level of fandom too far for fans. We have to say that we salute them.

The proceeds from these auctions won’t go into HBO’s coffers or anything like that, though; instead, the show is leveraging its strong fandom to do some good in the world and will donate all proceeds to Action for Children, a UK charity that displays this bio on its Twitter feed: “We work to make sure every child and young person has the love, support & opportunity they need to reach their potential.” Its website goes into more detail on how it supports children in the UK.

So far, the stamp signed by Peter Dinklage has the biggest bid of £1020 — but Emilia Clarke’s isn’t far behind at £1005. According to a quick conversion search, both of those come out to just over $1300 USD each. Running a not-so-distant third is Kit Harington’s stamp at £820, which is nearly $1100. Since these auctions only started yesterday, that’s a pretty strong sign that these six stamps could raise quite a bit of money for a good cause.

(Last place? Lena Headey’s Cersei Lannister stamp, at £310.)

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If you’re in the States and want to bid, though, be careful: you’ll likely have to pay postage as well. Good luck to all those bidding!