Westworld: 5 ridiculous ideas for season 3 that we’d probably still watch anyway


Westworld season 3 could completely change now that hosts have left the park. Here are 5 completely wild ways it could happen.

Westworld really leaned into the wildest aspects of the show during its season 2 finale, which feels like it should set the tone for a completely off-the-rails season 3. That’s probably not going to happen, but nevertheless, that idea consumed yours truly … well, okay, it didn’t consume me until it came up in a conversation.

More on that later. Meanwhile, here are the five wild ideas Westworld could use in season 3.

The Man in Black and Teddy Flood watch Dolores and Bernard, then comment on it MST3K-style

Since Westworld is so in love with showing us different timelines, there’s really no other way to go more meta than to have other characters comment on the actions of the main characters. Don’t think about how this would be feasible, since the Man in Black and Teddy end season 2 in very different places. Just think about the idea — how their commentary styles would differ, what they’d agree on, and so on.

For bonus points, add Maeve in as their third host, pun intended, and enjoy the resulting hilarity as the three of them disagree on pretty much everything.

A crime show, with Dolores on one side and Bernard on the other

Nick Tylwalk of FanSided proper and yours truly spend a lot of time talking about pop culture, and as we both like Westworld, it’s been a subject of debate for several weeks now. He and I came up with all of the ideas on this list, but this one is all him.

I’ll quote him here: “I kinda hope S3 is a procedural where Dolores is a serial killer and Bernard joins the police to track her down.”

Well, Dolores does have the nickname of “Deathbringer” now, which is a pretty badass serial killer name, all things considered, and Bernard apparently has to be her opposition if her dialogue from the end of the season 2 finale is any indication. So, if she’s the Deathbringer … that pretty much puts him on the side of the cops.

Here’s hoping he can hallucinate some help from Ford. He’ll need it, because our money is on Dolores.

A host-Charlotte and Dolores buddy comedy

This one is possibly the most unlikely of all five ideas.

This is because Westworld is not really a funny show. It has its subtle moments of humor, sure, but they are rare and almost seem like they aren’t meant to be there, aside from how the soundtrack likes to cover songs in radically different ways.

In other words, no, Dolores and Charlotte probably won’t yuk it up.

That Game of Thrones crossover

Fans want this so badly that they’re still talking about it after season 2 has wrapped. George R.R. Martin even spoke about it way back in 2016, but apparently the showrunners of Westworld were not planning on it.

But hey, Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner, and the rest of the cast won’t have any Game of Thrones work pretty quickly, and honestly, could you imagine what it would be like to recreate the Battle of the Bastards?

The thing is, Game of Thrones and Westworld are tonally two different shows, something yours truly brought up on this week’s episode of Take the Black Live while talking with Winter is Coming’s Dan Selcke. In other words, it’d be ridiculous and probably wouldn’t work anyway.

Charlotte and Dolores as Scandal-style fixers

If the idea of Evan Rachel Wood and Tessa Thompson going around looking glamorous and doing some morally questionable things in order to make all the money from their high-powered clients doesn’t get you at least a little intrigued, then I’m not sure I can help you.

(Bernard is probably their tech support.)

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But if anything, Westworld probably won’t change much at all, just in its setting. Here’s hoping that it does learn to at least edit a little. It’d be nice.