Yes, we can: 10 shows that challenge America to be better

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What it’s about: Two Latina sisters return to their East Los Angeles neighborhood in order to settle their late mother’s affairs. As they sort things out, the discover a lot about their mother, Vida, her life, and the threats to their community.

What it’s fighting for: Gentrification is a much-discussed topic, but it’s something pop culture rarely explores in depth. The word might be mentioned here or there, along with lamentations about skyrocketing rents. But for the most part, gentrification isn’t a major concern for characters in TV and film.

Not so on Vida: The predominantly Latinx neighborhood Emma and Lyn return to is under siege from real estate developers, upwardly mobile folks and white hipsters. The residents of the neighborhood as well as Vida’s tenants — many of whom are immigrants or the children of immigrants — are being pushed out.

If Emma and Lyn sell the building Vida owned, they will be effectively kicking people — neighbors, friends and loved ones — out of their homes. They’ll also be shutting down the bar Vida ran with her wife, Eddy, which serves as a safe space for queer women of color.

Vida emphasizes the need for community; the importance of having a place that feels like home. It also makes clear that a sense of community isn’t a right everyone in our country enjoys. So there’s no question why Eddy, local activist Mari, and eventually, Emma and Lyn work so hard to protect theirs.

Where to watch: Season 1 recently concluded and is available on Starz. A second season has been confirmed.