Carrie Underwood’s The Champion is the comeback anthem we need


Carrie Underwood turned “The Champion” into her own personal anthem as she comes back from a scary accident, and her courage is why she’s our Wonder Woman of the Week!

Carrie Underwood charmed us when she timidly stood on the American Idol stage, ignored Simon Cowell’s snide comments, and crooned our favorite country songs. Carrie has come a long way since the days when she won that reality TV show.

But recently, after garnering awards and topping the country music charts, she had a terrifying fall.

Carrie Underwood recovers from face injury and broken wrist

Last year, the country music star stunned her fans when she shared that she had fallen outside her house, resulting in 40 stitches on her mouth and a broken wrist. Carrie recently returned to the public spotlight, and her latest song, “The Champion,” has become the perfect comeback anthem.

Ludacris worked with her on the popular song, which the two performed live at the 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards. The rapper told Entertainment Tonight exactly how Carrie is doing: “[Carrie Underwood is] 95% better. She’s very strong. Anybody that has a strong will and a strong mind, they’ll be able to bounce back.”

“The Champion” is meant for everyone

Why choose “The Champion” as a duet for a rapper and country music queen? Ludacris pointed out that the “powerful message” in this song is for everyone. And by bringing together a rapper and country music star, Ludacris and Carrie hope to “make sure everybody hears it.” She recognizes that she’s not the only one who has experienced struggles, and “The Champion” offers inspiration for all.

“Anybody that’s going through any type of struggle, or people that need positive motivation and inspiration, that’s literally what this song is about,” said Ludacris. “Everybody is a champion in their minds and in their hearts and sometimes you go through difficulties and you have to remind yourself how much of a champion you are.”

Carrie Underwood comes full circle

Turning to Instagram, Carrie shared her enthusiasm for performing with Ludacris at the Radio Disney Music Awards. Held in the same venue where she won American Idol, the ceremony included another American Idol alum, former judge Randy Jackson, presenting her with an award of her own.

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“Such an amazing, full circle night,” gushed Carrie. “Got to perform with the incredible @ludacris at the venue I won @americanidol in and was presented an award by one of my Idol judges, the incomparable @randyjackson ! Life is good!”

It certainly is — and our lives are better with “The Champion” encouraging us to come back.