5 times Elizabeth Hurley rocked it as Instagram’s hottest celebrity mom


Liz Hurley continues to steal the Instagram spotlight at age 52 by flaunting her fit bikini body.

Celebrity moms have been flooding Instagram in recent years with ever-more-revealing photos of their bodies in teeny-tiny bikinis (we see you, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, with your three adorable kids each and incredible bodies). But Elizabeth Hurley has captured and kept the spotlight by showing off her fit and fabulous figure in swimsuits from her very own bathing suit fashion line.

Get ready to see just how Elizabeth has slayed as Instagram’s hottest celebrity mom.

1. Hello, leopard print bikini beauty!

The Royals actress shared this bikini selfie from her Elizabeth Hurley Beach style line. We’ll let her hashtag of “#cheetah” say it all.

While Hurley isn’t above being her own fabulous photographer, Liz also has become famous for admitting she sometimes enlists her teenage son to take her bikini photos. And when that same son posed with his mom, here’s what happened.

2. Momma Hurley stuns in this maid costume, seated with teenage son

Hurley’s son, Damian, joined his mom and Joan Collins for this photo. Damian has taken on the role of Prince Hansel on his mom’s hit E! show.

With that jaw-dropping outfit and image of her son, Liz received a ton of backlash on social media. But some defended Elizabeth for doing Instagram her way rather than giving into those who thought that a 52-year-old mom should refrain from revealing quite so much of her body, however fabulous.

3. You don’t need a bikini to stun Instagram

So maybe you’re not into bikinis and wonder if it’s possible to look just as hot in a one-piece swimsuit? Hurley can end that speculation with this shot of her in a stunning white bathing suit, complete with a cut-out design. Of course, that shimmy she does in the outfit is just the icing on the swimsuit cake.

For those who prefer to see Elizabeth in bikinis, however, she definitely hasn’t disappointed.

4. Two words: Bikini handstand

Some celebrities describe their hours and hours of working out with personal fitness trainers, detailing every move on instagram. And then there’s Elizabeth Hurley, who says it all with her one-word caption of “handstand,” which of course she performs in a bikini.

5.  Proud to share the spotlight with her ‘sonshine’

Liz has heard all those rude remarks about her statement that her teenage son takes some of her bikini photos. She’s since responded by sharing the spotlight with her beloved “sonshine,” as she called him in this photo’s caption.

Amid the bikini brouhaha, Elizabeth has clarified that her teenage son Damian Hurley doesn’t take all of her photos. Her sister takes some, and she occasionally hires a professional.

Living up to her reputation as a celebrity mom who rocks, Hurley has said that when Damian is her bikini photographer, they’re vacationing together.

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“He’s got a really good eye and he’s studying photography and it’s ridiculous,” summed up Liz of the bikini backlash.