Westworld could bring Elsie back again for season 3, right?


Westworld season 3 might not arrive for a while, but all hope is not lost for Elsie at the very least (even if the world is a mess).

Westworld found a new role for Tessa Thompson in the finale of the second season, but it didn’t, at least not obviously, for Shannon Woodward. The thing is, that “at least not obviously” actually matters, according to a new interview with Woodward from The Hollywood Reporter.

The final statement from interviewer Josh Wigler involves the idea of Elsie returning as a robot. In response, Woodward even replies, “Nothing would make me more excited.”

We agree with Wigler’s general take on Elsie, though, about how intriguing she is as a character for the show. So: how could Westworld actually resurrect her?

Even though Bernard leaves the complex that has a host constructing apparatus, we think it’s probably more likely that he would construct Elsie over Dolores and Charlotte, as both Wigler and Woodward agree. Elsie would certainly make a better ally to Bernard. However, Charlotte and Dolores could use someone like Elsie — someone who isn’t obviously connected to them, someone who has a good reputation — to help them hide in the real world.

Woodward does establish that the mention of the “file” actually refers to Elsie’s ‘cognition.’ After all, the Man in Black has apparently been resurrected, presumably in a host body, as we see in the post-credits scene. That means that it’s not unlikely that Elsie’s file still exists in some way, too.

However, one would think that Elsie would probably need some adjustments, as Dolores alludes to in her work with creating Bernard. Otherwise, you would run into the James Delos problem where fidelity is basically impossible. One would think that that would make it easier on Dolores, because she’s done this before — although she wouldn’t have memories to work off either.

Ultimately, Elsie’s return is not impossible. It doesn’t seem like anything is on Westworld, but it seems like it’s hard to justify Bernard bringing her back, and Dolores and Charlotte would have troubles of their own.

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We have quite some time to think it over, though. Give us your best Elsie theories below!