25 movies with Marvel actors you should definitely watch

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I, Tonya (Sebastian Stan)

I, Tonya is easily one of Sebastian Stan’s best roles. Tackling the ever-villainous Jeff Gillooly, the movie focuses on the real-life disaster that was Tonya Harding’s 1994 Olympic run. Set around actual interviews from Tonya Harding, Lavonya Harding, Shawn Eckhardt, and Jeff Gillooly, the movie earned Allison Janney an Oscar win and Margot Robbie a nomination.

It is crazy and out there and shows how still, to this day, neither Jeff or Tonya are clear on their relationship or what really happened to Nancy Kerrigan. Even though he has quite the unfortunate mustache, it brought a new light to Sebastian Stan and his career.

For the first time, people were starting to talk about him having Oscar potential and the movie really put him in the spotlight completely separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Luckily, he has some more movies coming out like this (Destroyer being the next followed by The Last Full Measure and more).

Hopefully, we’ll get to see Sebastian continue to make movies like I, Tonya in his time away from playing Bucky Barnes. Jeff Gillooly was truly a career-making role and he should have been nominated for his work — just saying!

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