25 movies with Marvel actors you should definitely watch

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Gifted (Chris Evans)

Ever want to see Chris Evans raise a young child and cry a lot about it? Well, then Gifted is the movie for you. A Marc Webb production, the movie is honestly some of the best work that Chris Evans has ever given us.

Sure, Steve Rogers pulls at our hearts but watching Frank Adler fight to keep his niece from going through life the way his sister didn’t want? That is raw and emotional and makes this a truly phenomenal film.

Mary Adler is a gifted student who joins Bonnie Stevenson’s class. When Bonnie realizes Mary’s potential, she wants to send her to a gifted school despite Frank insisting that she stay in public school.

Mary’s mother was a very gifted woman who took her own life when she couldn’t handle it any longer. Mary is left in the custody of her uncle, Frank.

From Evelyn Adler (Frank’s mother) trying to take Mary away to Frank and Bonnie beginning a relationship, the movie is just a really good film and a departure from anything we’ve seen from Chris Evans prior to this.

He’s showing us the amazing work he can do outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After watching Gifted, we’re eager to see more heartbreaking but powerful roles like this for Evans.