This small town vacay spot is perfect for Game of Thrones fans (just look at that castle)


Looking for the perfect weekend getaway? This year’s coolest small town in America even boasts a castle that could make a Game of Thrones fan happy.

Can you name the coolest small town in America? From the perfect weekend getaway to even just a day trip, this hidden gem of a city has so many activities for all types of travelers. From art to food and even a castle in ruin, this travel destination should be on your next visit list.

Every year, Budget Travel reveals its top 10 coolest small towns in America. The idea of this list is to have travelers think beyond the obvious, well-known travel destinations. Of course, theme parks and larger cities have name recognition, but smaller towns can offer unique, authentic experiences.

According to Budget Travel, the top 10 coolest small towns in America are:

"1. Beacon, NY2. Sonoma, CA3. Gatlinburg, TN4. Durango, CO5. Ephraim, WI6. Jackson Hole, WY7. Eureka Springs, AR8. Sedona, AZ9. Ocean Springs, MS10. Point Pleasant, NJ"

This year’s number one small city, Beacon, New York, is a quick trip from New York City. For the trendy traveler, this location offers a wide array of art galleries, delicious restaurants, and great shopping.

While many people have heard of Beacon and its impressive art installations, the more interesting stop is Bannerman Castle. Located on Pollepel Island on the Hudson River, this abandoned castle has a long storied history. Built by Francis Bannerman VI, the island and its buildings were used as an armory. The residence castle had many nods to the armory business.

After a fire, many of the buildings were destroyed, but walls of the castle remain. From a distance, the pictures look as if they could be taken from Game of Thrones. Instead, the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation holds performances in the castle’s shadow. You can also go on walking tours during the summer.

While Beacon is just a couple hours from New York City, the area has one of the most thought-provoking museums. Located in a former factory, Beacon houses art from the 1960s to present day. It is considered one of the largest spaces to showcase modern art. This space started the idea of using former industrial spaces for exhibiting modern art. For modern art fans, this museum is definitely a must visit.

Even though cultural offerings are a highlight for many visitors, some people consider the area a romantic destination. The Roundhouse is a tiny boutique hotel with a picturesque waterfall. After gazing at the beautiful natural setting, anyone could understand how the Hudson River Valley artists were inspired.

Even if Beacon, New York doesn’t spark an urge to travel to upstate New York, the idea of visiting a small town should be considered. This list has a wide variety of travel options. From high adventure to foodie destinations, these small town destinations shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Have you traveled to a small town for a recent vacation? Do you agree that the coolest small town in America is a perfect weekend destination?