Tom Hiddleston knows how to keep a Marvel secret


Tom Holland could probably take some lessons from the elder Tom of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because Tom Hiddleston didn’t say a word for two years.

Look, we love Tom Holland. We really do. But upon hearing via CBR that Tom Hiddleston has known about Loki’s early death in Avengers: Infinity War for two years, we cannot help but compare the Toms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it comes to revealing spoilers, and let’s face it: Tom the younger has just been found really wanting.

CBR focuses on how put-together Loki’s adventures seemed. We’d just like to know how Hiddleston survived a particularly funny movie in Thor: Ragnarok before transitioning over to the super-serious Infinity War. Those are two very different tones for the character to hit; sure, they’re both in Loki’s nature (the “I’m not doing Get Help” little brother and the devious still-kind-of-villain with a penchant for backstabbing both fit with him perfectly), but that doesn’t mean it’s not tough to move from one to the other and then have to act out dying on top of it.

But back to the comparisons. In case you spent most of your weekend offline, Holland took to Instagram and revealed the title of the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel. (It’s Far From Home, as confirmed by Kevin Feige, which, okay, that’s fair, but it still would have been funnier to name it Spring Fling, Marvel.) Granted, this movie has basically been in the works since before Homecoming arrived last year, but that’s still only a year of patience.

Meanwhile, Hiddleston has known that his career in the MCU is probably coming to an end (a point that CBR also acknowledges) for two years, but did we get a peep out of him about it? Nope! Not a single word.

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That is some dedication. The man definitely earned his paychecks.

(Okay, Holland, you earned yours too.)