25 amazing fan art images from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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14. Loki and the Grandmaster

Look I’m going to be honest, I don’t know why this exists but I saw it and my brain said that if I didn’t include this artwork than I would be an idiot. So here we are. Depicting Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster and Loki, they look to be in love?

Which makes sense because the Grandmaster did have that orgy ship that we just know Loki was on at some point. Also this piece of fan art is tender, so maybe they truly love each other? Or at least they do according to this artist.

And that’s a love that many wouldn’t fight. They just are both out for themselves but then also each other and if that’s a love story we got to watch play out before us then no one would complain.

To be quite honest, everyone needs more of the Grandmaster in their life so if that means that we have to see Loki and him fall in love, that’s fine by probably everyone. Also, that relationship would make the most sense out of any we’ve seen played out on the Marvel Cinematic Universe screen so give the people what they want! Or at least give us the love story we want in your fan art!