15 summer movies to watch with the comfort of your AC

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American Pie 2

From rowdy pre-teens, to sex-crazed teenagers, it’s only a natural transition to bring up American Pie 2 next.

In the sequel to the raunchy teen comedy, the whole gang reunites after their first year of college for another summer of hijinx while they stay at a beach house. They’re all just as horny and stupid as they were in American Pie, so there are plenty of antics to keep you laughing. Jim is still trying to improve his sexual skills, especially since the sexy exchange student Nadia is coming to visit.

He enlists the help of his prom date Michele, who he meets up with while she’s at band camp. He also has an unfortunate accident when he mixes up a bottle of glue with a bottle of lubricant.

Oz is struggling with his long-distance relationship with Heather, who’s studying abroad in France, Stifler is (as expected) still a jerk, and Finch has become enamored with the Hindu study of Tantra. When the gang gets back together, they decide to throw a huge party that summer, the party to end all parties.

American Pie 2 is the kind of summer everyone wanted as a teenager but probably never got to experience. Spending the entire summer with your best friends at a beach house, partying and making money painting houses without a care in the world? Sounds perfect — except for the whole using glue as lube thing. Ouch.

So maybe stay away from any bottles of glue and live vicariously through these dumb teenagers without actually having to do anything.