15 summer movies to watch with the comfort of your AC

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Camp Nowhere

When adult life gets too hard, why not take a personal day, stay in your cozy, air-conditioned apartment, and take a trip back to summer camp… by watching Camp Nowhere.

Mud’s parents desperately want to ship him off to sleep-away camp for the summer, but he’s not interested. Instead, he and his friends come up with the genius idea to create their own summer camp and trick their parents into letting them go. They enlist the help of (see: blackmail) their school’s former drama teacher to make the camp seem legit for all their parents.

Soon enough, word gets around and their camp becomes the go-to destination for more than just Mud and his friends. It’s the camp of every kid’s dream, with junk food and wild partying (or as wild as suburban pre-teens could get in the 90s), and even some crazy extreme sports. The only problem is his parents want to visit, so they have to do everything they can to keep them away or find a way to make parent’s day work for all the different types of camps they claimed to be.

If you never went camping, now’s your chance to go to the ultimate kid-created camp and live out all your wildest childhood dreams! Maybe turn it into a slumber party with your besties and pretend you’re at sleep-away camp. Make a fake fire pit in your living room, tell everyone to bring a sleeping bag, and splurge on as much junk food as you can possibly handle.