15 summer movies to watch with the comfort of your AC

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A summer movie marathon would not be complete without at least one cheesy teen chick flick, and Aquamarine might just be the best choice.

Two best friends, Claire and Hailey, are left scrambling to come up with a plan when they find out that Hailey’s mom is moving her to Australia for work. After a huge storm hits their beach town, they notice something mysterious in the pool of the beach club: a mermaid. They’re scared at first, but then they realize Aquamarine is beautiful and nice, and can walk on legs as long as they don’t get wet.

Aqua promises to give the girls a wish if they help her prove to her father that love really does exist. They realize that they can use their wish to keep Hailey from moving to Australia, and Aqua finds the perfect guy to fall in love with, the hot lifeguard, Raymond. It won’t be easy, though, because the spoiled, popular Cecilia suspects there’s something fishy (get it?) about Aqua, but she can’t figure out what it is.

Time is running out, and with Cecilia hot on their trail, the girls are worried they won’t get their wish. There’s nothing scarier than the possibility of losing your best (and only) friend to the other side of the world, but Hailey and Claire try everything they can to keep that from happening.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a mermaid, this is definitely a movie you will want to check out. Fair warning, you may end up with a sudden craving for salt water and blue highlights.