15 summer movies to watch with the comfort of your AC

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National Lampoon’s European Vacation

Who wouldn’t want to take a family trip overseas to Europe? Maybe don’t go with the Griswold family, though.

The Griswolds won a trip to Europe after competing on the TV game show Pig In A Poke, but the trip doesn’t turn out as glamorous as they hoped it would be. But patriarch Clark Griswold would never let that get them down!

They start their trip in London, where they’re staying in a ratty, tiny hotel and can’t quite get used to driving on the other side of the road. Clark gets stuck in a roundabout for who knows how long, and even hits a pedestrian on a bike. Next on the itinerary is Paris, where a local man steals their video camera after Clark asks him to take a photo.

As is turns out, Clark forgot to erase a pretty risque video of his wife Ellen on that tape, and the man starts distributing it around Europe. A thief becomes obsessed with her while they’re in Italy, and ends up kidnapping her! It’s not quite your typical family vacation, let’s just leave it at that.

Just like EuroTrip, you may not be able to spend your summer in Europe, but at least you have it better than the Griswolds! Sure, you’re stuck at home on a beautiful day watching movies instead of enjoying the nice summer weather, but it’s still better than your sex tape being spread around Europe and getting kidnapped, right?

If you do manage to make your way to Europe this summer, at least try to avoid the mistakes Clark and his family make in European Vacation.