15 summer movies to watch with the comfort of your AC

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Love Actually

We know what you’re going to say. “Love Actually?! But it’s summer! That’s a Christmas movie!” And that’s what makes it perfect.

Even in the dead of summer, you sometimes find yourself missing the snowy, festive days of winter… or at least Christmastime. When it’s hot as hell outside and you can’t even sit still without dripping sweat, you may just want to transport yourself back into the crisp December air, with a cozy sweater and scarf.

Okay, maybe you don’t miss the cold, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t celebrate Christmas in July. Love Actually is a holiday classic about intertwining stories taking place during the Christmas season. There’s a man who loses his wife and has to cope with raising his step-son, the new prime minister who falls for his adorably dim staff member, a wife who discovers her husband bought jewelry for another woman, and a man who’s madly in love with his best friend’s new wife.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! The tale of love, family, and holiday spirit has become a classic over the years for a reason, and that’s enough reason to enjoy it all year round. You don’t need to wait until after Thanksgiving for it to be acceptable! It’s sweet enough that it’s perfect for a cozy movie night even on the hottest of days (as long as you have the AC blasting).

What better excuse to make a huge Christmas feast, complete with yummy holiday desserts, in the middle of the summer?