15 summer movies to watch with the comfort of your AC

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Mamma Mia trailer screenshot. Photo via Universal Pictures/YouTube

Summer is so close we can taste it. But with summer comes sunburns, bug bites, and sweat, so why not stay in and watch some movies instead?

The lazy days of summer are here, and we’re definitely excited to lay out in the sun, bronze our skin, drink some fruity sangria, and enjoy our summer to the fullest. But sometimes, it’s all just too much. Sunburns and bug bites are no fun, and sometimes it gets so hot, you get sweaty without even moving, and who likes that?

You can’t help but want to hide away for a bit when the summer days are just too much to take. That is why man invented air conditioning and Netflix. This summer, while you’re having your own little staycation at home away from the harsh elements, why not check out some of these summer favorites? There’s something for everyone, from movie-musicals to rom-coms, and even one holiday classic — because who doesn’t love Christmas in July?

Why not watch other people have exciting summers while in the comfort of your own home, away from the heat, the dirt, and the bugs?