25 iconic Jurassic Park moments that we will never forget

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12. Goodbye Dennis

While the dinosaurs were not the villains of the original trilogy, the humans definitely were. The biggest villain of all was Dennis, who was so far into debt that he was willing to destroy all of John Hammond’s work to make money.

The reason everything goes wrong in Jurassic Park is that Dennis tries to steal the dinosaur DNA to sell off, meaning that no one would have died, no one would get hurt, and the movie wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t ruin everything.

It was upsetting to watch him sabotage the park and what it could have been for money. So when he ends up dying in the jungle, everyone normally cheers. He did everything to himself. He got himself in debt, he decided to destroy Hammond, and so when a Dilophosaurus spits on him and kills him, we actually cheer for the dino.

No one wants to see someone die but when you watch Dennis almost kill half of those you’re rooting simply because he’s selfish, there is some kind of joy that comes from watching him perish before succeeding in his mission. Too bad it couldn’t have also been the T-Rex that got him too.