Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: Updates from the capital


The changes haven’t stopped coming to Game of Thrones season 8’s biggest set. Here’s what it could all mean for the show’s last season.

Warning: It’s been a long production season, and our warnings are still the same: we’re talking Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers below.

How can Game of Thrones continue destroying a city? If you don’t think the show has an answer for that question, then you might need to double-check your understanding of how Game of Thrones works. We are on season 8, after all.

Both r/freefolk and our sister site, Winter is Coming, have discovered the latest photos and video from A Red Priestess over on Twitter, showing the set at King’s Landing in Belfast once again.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Over on this week’s Take the Black Live, yours truly and WiC editor Dan Selcke discussed how this isn’t actually smoke — but is more likely to be fog instead. Being that I like to be a bit contrary, I suggested that this could be a cold front or otherwise something that suggests a change in the weather. He, of course, was a bit more adamant that it’s presaging a White Walker infestation in the city, but it did start snowing at the end of season 7.

Who’s to say another storm can’t hit after the dragon attack? There is an ocean right there, after all. It could even be a warmer ocean, which would cause fog.

Point is, there’s definitely an opening for this to just be a natural occurrence.

The platforms might be of the most interest here. After all, they could suggest that there will be some up-high shots, either of a dragon flying and attacking or even of whatever defenses King’s Landing might mount.

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Additionally, the “extensive damage” could mean that there will be multiple passes by any aerial attacks. It’s just good strategy, after all.