Report: Lucasfilm is pressing pause on Star Wars anthology films


Lucasfilm might have seen the light when it comes to its plans for Star Wars, according to new reports that suggest things are changing.

There’s no point in beating around the bush with this one. According to a report from Collider, which admittedly cites unnamed sources, Star Wars anthology movies are “on hold” over at Lucasfilm.

What is not, however, is “a new trilogy,” which appears to be separate from both the David Benioff-Dan Weiss and Rian Johnson projects, that sounds like it’s intended to become Episodes X-XII. Presumably, by the time these movies come out, we’ll have figured out what to call them, if they ever do come out. The sequel-sequels? The threequel trilogy? That’s a lot of threes either way.

That might be the more surprising tidbit of Collider’s report, honestly. What would an Episode X-XII trilogy even deal with? Rey’s children? Kylo Ren becoming a weird cross between the Emperor and Darth Vader? Flinging things far into the future a la the current trilogy and setting up a newer and badder evil Empire?

Those questions are basically impossible to answer right now, so we’ll move back to the facts as reported by Collider, which include that Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s comparatively lukewarm reaction is what’s caused this change. Presumably, Lucasfilm should have thought all of this through before announcing all of these other projects from all of these other white men (yes, we’re still bitter about it; do not expect us to stop being irritated by it until Lucasfilm starts taking action to improve the future of Star Wars).

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But Lucasfilm did not think this through, at least on some level, and so here we are, dealing in reports that a course-correction, though late, is finally on its way. Here’s hoping that Star Wars pulls itself together. We’d hate to see it fall to the dark side of tired franchises.