Star Wars: 10 actors we’d love to see joining the franchise

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Because if Christian Bale can nearly be in Star Wars, so too can these 10 actors who are generally busy, but would make for great additions to the galaxy.

This writer is sure you’ve heard by now that Christian Bale nearly had a part in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and, in fact, still wants to join the galaxy far, far away at some point in time. Bale could basically do anything — see also his commitment to the Method that’s led him to do some extreme things in order to play roles in films like The Machinist to Backseat.

But that led me to start thinking about who else, given at least some measure of creative control over casting for any and all upcoming Star Wars movies, I would like to see as part of this huge, wonderful galaxy I and countless other fans have come to love.

And yes, this is a wishlist rather than anything resembling a certain report that any of these 10 actors will appear in the franchise. But hey, never say never, and who knows? After Benicio del Toro and Laura Dern both showed up in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and with the backing of Disney, practically anything is possible.