One Infinity War fan theory seems to prove Thanos is a liar


Thanos may be worse than we thought. A fan sheds light on how the Mad Titan lied to Gamora, via details from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel fans have plenty of theories when it comes to different characters and their motivations and actions. For Avengers: Infinity War, there have been plenty of reactions and theories. Now, one fan is calling Thanos out as a liar, and we think he might be correct.

An Instagram user reminded us of these details about Gamora that we learned during Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 in order to basically prove that Thanos was lying to her (and probably everyone else) the entire time.

The fan speculates that even if Thanos really did care about his adopted daughter, he has been lying to her since the beginning of their relationship. The Mad Titan has claimed he only wiped out half of the Zehoberei people, allowing the rest to have a better life. However, based on the prison records we saw in Guardians, Gamora is the last of her people. And there we have it. Thanos possibly lied to his adopted daughter.

Thanos’ rationale for his evil plan throughout Avengers: Infinity War was that he was doing all of this in an effort to create balance in the universe. The Mad Titan told anyone who would listen that killing half of the population everywhere would allow the other half a better life. The idea of Thanos wiping out an entire planet’s population doesn’t add up with his supposed goals. If he did, this makes his proclamations about restoring balance pretty meaningless.

If anything, Gamora’s detail in Guardians could simply be a plot hole; then again, Thanos could be the guy to lie about this sort of thing, not wanting Gamora to hate him (more than she already does) for his actions.

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Is this fan correct in calling Thanos a liar? Or is this a case of a continuity error that was missed by the MCU? Either way, it makes for an interesting discussion over why Thanos may have chosen to lie to Gamora.

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