8 heartwarming moments from Queer Eye’s second season


In just eight episodes, Queer Eye‘s new season made us cry, laugh, squeal — as well as learn, think, and feel. We round up the sweetest moments from season 2.

Queer Eye’s second season came just in time this summer (2018 has been a bit rough, shall we say). The Fab 5 shared a plethora of adorable stories and incredible makeovers. As we saw in season 1, the Queer Eye boys didn’t just help people with their outward appearance. From a shy boyfriend eager to propose to the show’s first transgender male yearning to define themselves, the show helped makeover eight individuals top to bottom, inside and out.

Here are the most heartwarming moments, per episode, for Queer Eye‘s second season.

(Spoilers ahead if you haven’t already watched!)

Episode 1: Tammye’s speech to her church for her son

Right from the first episode, Queer Eye gave us the gift of Tammye. She’s the show’s first woman to work with. Interestingly enough, Tammye isn’t the subject of the makeover; instead, it’s her local community center.

The first episode is filled with emotional scenes, such as Bobby tearfully reflecting on his relationship with the church or Tammye seeing the center fully redone. What got us sobbing though is Tammy reflecting on how she treated her son, Myles, when he first came out, and how she hadn’t fully accepted it.

Tammye apologizes to Myles, and he lets her know he forgave her long ago. We then learn Myles has decided to come back to the church for its homecoming. During the homecoming service, Tammye speaks of the overwhelming love she has for her son. Hand us all the tissues, please.

Episode 2: William’s proposal

Back in season 1, we had our first epic Queer Eye love story with Tom and Abby. In season 2, we have William and Shannon. William’s got a lot of things going on, from his scraggly beard and hair, to the fact that his house has a ton of Shannon’s ex-husband’s stuff in it. Yikes.

Then, we and the Fab 5 learn we aren’t just here to see a makeover. William wants to, well honestly needs to, propose to Shannon. The boys are more than eager to help, helping William produce a mini-movie for Shannon to watch before he pops the question. In a gorgeous white suit, he asks her to marry him, and again, tissues.

Episode 3: Leo dancing with his kids

During this episode, Leo reveals the many insecurities men may face when it comes to body positivity. Tan touches on this saying men “don’t talk about it as comfortably as we should.”

As the Fab 5 work Leo over, our emotions were worked over when we see how much Leo loves his children. Along with feeling insecure about how he looks, Leo admits he’s never really hung out with other parents. Karamo corrects this immediately, bringing Leo out to a play center where he can meet and chat with fellow fathers. It is beyond adorable to see all the children playing, and Leo learning to open up.

Episode 4: Jason ending up with Beth

Now, with William and Shannon, we felt some Tom and Abby-esque vibes. The same goes for Jason and Beth. Beth is a close friend of Jason’s who recommends him for the Fab Five treatment. Our fellas quickly pick up on some chemistry between the two. Beth is pretty upset that Jason’s goal is to leave Georgia to head to Reno, all so he can be closer to the Burning Man festival. Yea…

Jason’s boho attitude and appearance get quickly cleaned up, as does his focus. Near the end of the episode, we see a tearful Beth bid Jason goodbye at his going away party. She tells him, “It doesn’t matter where you go, or what you do, you’re a piece of my heart.” Can you believe?

Just when we think these two will never see each other again, we find out along with the Fab 5 that Jason ended up staying in Georgia, all because he found he had what he needed all along — Beth.

Episode 5: Skyler meets Todrick Hall

Skyler is the show’s first transgender male. We watched as Skyler adjusted to life after undergoing top surgery to remove his breasts. Throughout the episode, we see Skyler try on his first fitted suit post-surgery and change his gender on his driver’s license. He often mentions that one person in particular he’s looked up to throughout his journey is Todrick Hall.

At the end of his episode, before going out to a massive celebration in honor of his successful top surgery, Skyler gets to actually meet Todrick. The tears are flowing, both from Skyler and Todrick, with Todrick telling him that his story is absolutely worth telling and sharing. Perhaps Skyler could become as inspiring as Todrick to others? We easily think he already is.

Episode 6: Arian’s mom says she believes in him

Oh, Arian. Don’t you know you can’t hide anything from the Fab 5? In “Big Little Lies,” we meet Arian, a 24-year-old Iranian who is keeping a big secret from his mom. He didn’t actually graduate from college.

Arian displays a lot of signs for someone who just isn’t feeling confident. He’s had issues holding a job down, is out of shape, and tends to want to stay in and play video games all day. He also lies. A lot. So the Fab 5 help to fix all of these issues and give Arian the courage to tell his Persian momma the truth. (As someone who is Iranian-American, I have to tell you, this episode got me super nervous. Iranian moms do not play.)

After a revealing lie detector test and some tough love from the Fab 5, Arian does what he knows he had to — clean up his act and come clean to his mom. While upset, she told her son that she believed in his ability to make things right. Perhaps it helped that Arian cooked his mom a classic, crave-worthy Iranian dish, tahdig.

Episode 7: Sean thanks the Fab 5 for building his confidence

Near the end of the second season, the Fab 5 have a puzzling situation. With pretty much every person they’ve made over, they were helping to make the person seem older, more mature. But with Sean, an 18-year-old singer-songwriter, and musician, it’s the opposite. Sean dressed decades beyond his age and was very shy and closeted from the world having been home-schooled during much of his adolescence.

From Tan giving Sean some youthful fashion sense to Karamo helping Sean get out of his shell, plus the usual physical makeover and home touchups, we see a whole new Sean. He loosens up, lightens up, and speaks up, maybe more than he ever did before.

Episode 8: Hipster mayor Ted’s rap battle

In the finale episode for season 2, we meet Clarkston’s “hipster mayor” Ted Terry. At first glance, Ted looks like a bearded hipster you’d meet in line at an indie coffee shop. His girlfriend Andrea (or the Mayoress, if you will), nominated Ted to get a makeover to help improve his public image as a mayor.

A very important part of that role is public speaking, which Ted doesn’t feel he’s particularly strong in. Karamo leads this project, getting some help from Joe, Georgia’s state champion at speech. What happens next is pretty epic, but also endearing to watch. Karamo asks Ted and Joe to debate — rap battle style. Where Ted before wasn’t confident and mumbled and stumbled, during the rap battle he boldly lays down the facts of his community.

Those lessons may have just helped Ted, as he won his re-election last November with a whopping 59 percent victory.

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