Queer Eye’s Tom and Abby remarry and fans are celebrating


When we first met Tom on the Queer Eye reboot, he was hoping to have his ex-wife Abby notice him again. Not only did they reunite, but fell back in love and have tied the knot (again).

If you’re an avid fan of Netflix’s Queer Eye, you’ll know that Tom Jackson helped the show gain fans for the popular reboot. Tom was introduced in the first episode as a laid-back Georgia man who loves Mountain Dew margaritas and sitting on his worn out couch.

Tom had little confidence in himself. He even would often say “You can’t fix ugly.” One of his regrets in life was losing the love of his life, his ex-wife Abby. When The Fab Five came into town, they worked with Tom to give him the confidence he needed to get his girl back.

The Fab Five consists of lifestyle coaches Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France and Karamo Brown, all who help Georgian hopefuls turn their life around. Their first subject was Tom who wanted to simply woo his ex-wife Abby Parr. Not only did the guys help him change his appearance, but they gave his home a makeover and taught him how to love himself. After asking Abby out on a date, the show ended with Tom and Abby hitting it off.

For the most part with reality shows, we discover people fall back into old habits or these “love stories” don’t last past the cameras turning off. Tom and Abby did get together, then broke up (causing fans to go into an emotional tailspin).

But… they immediately got back together and on May 9 Tom had some exciting news to share:

“I was excited and happy! I was marrying the love of my life. Tom looked happy and excited as I walked down the aisle – I was looking at him looking at me and he was smiling as I walked down the aisle,” Abby told Us Weekly.

It is very clear that Tom is over-the-moon happy about re-marrying Abby. He has been posting pictures non-stop:

Because of his popularity linked to the show and his lovable personality, Tom gained many fans on his Twitter account. His fans are nothing but joyful for the couple:

Most of the fans cried during the first episode, and are still crying to this day:

Even celebrities have chimed in. Take Daphne Zuniga of One Tree Hill who is a huge fan of the show:

Unfortunately, the Fab Five weren’t able to make it… but they were there in GIF spirit:

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Us Weekly has also reported that the black suit Tom wore to his ceremony is the same suit that was tailor-made during his episode. His wedding-day shirt is the one Tan France gave to him.

We aren’t crying, you are!