25 of the best genderswapped cosplayers we’ve seen

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9. Black Widow from The Avengers

Another female hero that typically gets mocked when she’s cosplayed by men, it is so refreshing to see a guy take on Black Widow and give her a legitimate look.

Natasha Romanoff is a spy whose job with the Avengers is to get information on their cases and help Steve Rogers and Tony Stark with whatever they need.

Similar to Lara Croft, it would be easy to mock her when doing a genderswapped cosplay, dressing a guy up in skintight clothing. To that, we think it’s unfair, as she is a character that’s provided a lot of bad-ass inspiration to women around the world.

So to see a man take on Natasha without a bad wig or weird latex is awesome. He’s just the Black Widow, nothing crazy about his look. It shows a respect for her and for those who look up to her in a very interesting way. So often women are portrayed by male cosplayers in a rather negative light. So when something like this happens and it isn’t to poke fun, fans cling to that cosplayer.

Granted, now he needs blonde hair and two cool swords to help fight against Thanos but we’ll take this classy Widow look as well!