25 of the best genderswapped cosplayers we’ve seen

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10. Miguel and Tulio from The Road to El Dorado

Remember being a kid and watching The Road to El Dorado and loving every minute? I mean Elton John was on the soundtrack, people. Plus Miguel and Tulio were mighty fine (yes, they’re animated men, but still, fine.)

Again, there are lovely female characters in that movie but who doesn’t want to be this primary color wearing duo? With their little ukulele and their animal friends, Miguel and Tulio found El Dorado and we fell in love with their crazy antics.

These two cosplayers continually do looks together (and often play couples no matter the genders). But there is something so amazing and perfect about their Miguel and Tulio. A Dreamworks creation, Road to El Dorado is truly unforgettable and we’ll always love the bromance M and T had with each other.

So these cosplayers bringing Miguel and Tulio to life help to show all of us just how great of a movie it is. It was a pre-Shrek after all and, for that year, Road to El Dorado reigned supreme as the best Dreamworks animated film.

Maybe we should all dress like Miguel and Tulio and live our best lives. We just probably won’t look as cool as these two.