25 of the best genderswapped cosplayers we’ve seen

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16. Ash and Misty from Pokémon 

These two cosplayers get it, we want to catch them and we want to catch them all! Pokémon is clearly loved by man so is it any surprise that there are plenty of cosplayers out there who want to be their favorite Pokémon master?

While there are some incredible women in the series, it is fun to be Ash and get your very own Pikachu. Which is why we love this cosplay so much! These two clearly love Pokémon and wanted to honor their love in a fun way.

So they switched places. With a genderswapped Misty and Ash, it could go one of two ways: You could make fun or you can do the best cosplay and show how much you love Ash and all his friends.

They definitely did the later, proving their devotion to the series and making sure fans knew that they could be whatever Pokémon master their heart desired. If you want to be Ash, you can do just that! With the right hat and wig, of course.

So go out there and get your cosplay on. Because you can probably play Pokémon Go with other cosplayers to complete your collection! We gotta catch them all!