25 of the best genderswapped cosplayers we’ve seen

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17. Dean and Sam Winchester from Supernatural

Everyone loves Sam and Dean Winchester but these girls have definitely mastered the real love story of Supernatural: The boys’ love of the Impala. Let’s be honest, throughout the years, women have been the life’s blood of the Supernatural fandom.

They’ve stuck by Sam and Dean throughout all these years and they’re the ones who continue to go to conventions and support the show. So is it surprising that there are some amazing gender-swapped cosplayers out there for the Winchester brothers?

This one is just special because they included the Impala, the third lead of the show. The car has been Dean’s baby since season one, taking the boys wherever they needed to be to protect us all from the demons, ghosts, ghouls and more of the world.

>Now, the show has gone a little haywire and most fans have taken a break from it but still, there are dedicated fans like these ladies who love and support it and want to show their admiration with amazing cosplay work.

Sometimes, you just have to get your Dean Winchester on with some plaid and a leather jacket and there’s nothing wrong with that. Especially with you give yourself that Castiel scar on your arm.