The 4 best Zoe Saldana movies to watch for her birthday


Zoe Saldana turns 40 today, and in honor of that, here’s where to find four of her very best films, from Avengers: Infinity War to Star Trek.

There aren’t many stars in Hollywood who can say they’ve been a part of more than one of the highest-grossing movies of all time. Zoe Saldana, with roles in both Avatar and Avengers: Infinity War, is one of them, among her Marvel co-stars in that respect.

But none of her Marvel co-stars have birthdays today. She, however, does.

She’s turning 40 today, and in honor of that, here’s where to find some of her very best movies.

Avengers: Infinity War

Although it’s still in theaters as of this writing, Avengers: Infinity War definitely features some excellent acting from Zoe as Gamora, thanks to the character’s relationship to the big villain of the movie (and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole), Thanos. She also gets to appreciate Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, and let’s be real: Star-Lord still can’t measure up, especially after the other events of Infinity War.

If you’re not emotionally prepared to watch (or rewatch) the movie in theaters, you can find Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on Netflix.

Star Trek Beyond

Granted, there are actually three Star Trek movies to choose from featuring Zoe’s take on Nyota Uhura, and you wouldn’t go amiss by picking the first Star Trek, either. But Trek Beyond is probably the best of the three films as a whole, even if it does keep the whole Uhura-Spock relationship going. But the other two also have their own Uhura moments; Star Trek has Uhura take over communications because she can distinguish between different dialects, while Star Trek Into Darkness has her speaking Klingon.

Star Trek Beyond (and the first Star Trek reboot film) are both available for streaming if you have an Amazon Prime membership.


In both the Star Trek and Marvel franchises, Zoe doesn’t get to really headline movies, instead acting as part of a greater cast. Colombiana, from 2011, changes that a bit. She’s the star of the show, playing Cataleya, who has spent most of her life looking to avenge the deaths of her parents. The Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg plays a younger version of Cataleya.

Both the theatrical and unrated versions are available to rent on Amazon.

The Book of Life

Technically speaking, The Book of Life doesn’t feature Zoe properly — but it does feature her vocal talents. She voices the grown-up María, the main woman in the film, who is fought over by two of her childhood friends and spends a bit of the movie actually believed to be dead. (She’s just in a coma, don’t worry!) But the film is so gorgeously animated that it’s hard not to enjoy even despite the somewhat clichéd plot for Zoe’s character.

You can rent The Book of Life on Amazon.

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Here’s hoping she has an excellent birthday!