20 reasons we still love the magic of Mulan 20 years later

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17. The jokes get better the older you are

Okay, so the whole movie has a lot of humor that goes over most kids heads. It’s always things that you don’t get as a kid or barely even notice. Then when you rewatch Mulan as an adult, you can’t stop laughing.

The scene shows this off the most is the bathing scene when Mulan goes to the lake. It has hilarious innuendos that get better when you see the film as an adult. Small comments such as Mushu saying, “There are a couple of things I know they are bound to notice,” really make you laugh once you’re old enough to understand the joke.

That, or the or the part when a horde of naked men running in front of Mulan will get you, too. Probably the best part of that whole thing is Mushu biting Ling’s butt and brushing his teeth after. Where did he get a giant tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush?

And because this is Eddie Murphy in the ’90s that we’re dealing with, sometimes he even pushes boundaries a little. In another scene you might remember, Mushu pretends to be a soldier riding a panda and says, “What’s the matter? You never seen a black and white before?” Maybe it’s not the most wholesome joke, but it’s not the worst one out there.

But because this film is about a woman disguised as a man, there plenty of opportunities to make a few jokes, and Disney didn’t let any of those opportunities slip away.