20 reasons we still love the magic of Mulan 20 years later

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11. Crickee

Crickee is another great character in Mulan. He is only a cricket, and he doesn’t talk. But he has such a personality. One of the best scenes with Crickee is the matchmaker scene.

After Mulan pours the tea for the matchmaker, she sees Crickee in it. He just sits back relaxing like he’s in a hot tub, and it’s absolutely hilarious. It’s a part that’s guaranteed to make you laugh hysterically once you get a glimpse at the cute little cricket.

Some of Crickee’s other greatest hits include when he and Mushu are writing the note to the general and Crickee acts like a typewriter — or when he is the mustache for the fake soldier.

Another great part fans might love when is when Mushu twists Crickee’s wings and basically turns him into a portable little alarm clock.  It’s really challenging to make a character who can’t talk have personality, but he does!

Disney did a great job at creating such a cute and funny character. He has a lot of emotion that he brings to the table as well. When he cries because he’s not lucky, you can see the sadness he feels. Even though Crickee is only a cricket, we wish we could have him around, because it would be a lot of fun to have a tiny little cricket companion with that much spirit.