15 of the weirdest TV shows that’ll have you wondering why they even exist

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5. Naked and Afraid

What it is: A reality competition and survival show in which the contestants have to survive three weeks in a remote jungle while completely naked. The two are dropped into their location with very little supplies — they get one “luxury item” — and they have to figure out how to live while the clock ticks down.

The yuck factor: In terms of exploitation, it’s pretty low. However, in terms of the physical and practical elements, it’s pretty disgusting. The one thing I’ve noticed as a common factor and struggle is the bugs. Contestants get bitten by critters all over their body, and I mean all over. They are covered in bites, and because they are naked and the water can’t be trusted, the risk of infection is pretty high.

Additionally, they have to contend with the hot and the cold. Although it may be sweltering during the day, the temps plummet dramatically at night, making hypothermia a real threat. The contestants claim to be survivalists, but they often struggle to build a fire, which is a dangerous and cumbersome problem. They can’t keep warm or clean their water, so things get pretty tough for the contestants. There’s no real prize except for bragging rights and a ranking among past contestants.

Where and how: You can watch the latest seasons on Discovery’s website, and seasons 4 through 6 on Hulu.