15 of the weirdest TV shows that’ll have you wondering why they even exist

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4. My Mother The Car

What it is: A 1960s sitcom starring Jerry Van Dyke, My Mother the Car only aired for one season but offered 30 episodes in all. Attorney David Crabtree (Van Dyke) attempts to purchase a second car for his family but winds up with a dilapidated clunker that just so happens to be his reincarnated mother.

David’s mother speaks to him through the car’s radio, and he is the only person who can hear her voice. There’s something about a classic car collector who pursues David and wants to purchase the car and blah, blah, blah. It’s silly and unbelievable, and the show was unilaterally panned. It’s been called one of the worst shows in TV history.

The yuck factor: Pretty low. There’s nothing unsettling or unscrupulous about it. It’s just pretty bad. Trying to capitalize on the success of the similarly premised movie Herbie the Love Bug that premiered in 1963, this show couldn’t deliver.

Where and how: Since the show is so old, you can catch a lot of the old episodes on YouTube, if you care to.