Walking Dead fans say they won’t watch show if Rick leaves


The Walking Dead fandom, still upset about Andrew Lincoln exiting the show, now says they won’t even watch once Rick says his goodbyes.

It has easily been a long and bumpy road for The Walking Dead fandom. Last season, we witnessed the death of a huge character, Carl Grimes, and with that, the exit of Chandler Riggs. This season faced weaker ratings and near the end the rumors — now facts — that we’d lose Maggie Rhee, played by Lauren Cohan.

But the iceberg in the way of the RMS Walking Dead, the big one that could sink it all, is the departure of the show’s leader, Rick Grimes. Sadly, season 9 will be the last we see of Sheriff Grimes, or as I fondly call him as of late, Bloody Rick. We’re not sure how Rick will leave the show, appearing in just six episodes for season 9. We also wonder if he’ll be dead or alive when that happens.

Whenever and however Rick leaves, he could take a huge chunk of viewers with him according to this new Reddit survey.

Per the survey, 44 percent of 900 people said they’d up and walk out once Rick does the same. 37 percent aren’t sure if they’ll stop watching the show, and 18 percent promised to stay loyal fans. Most shocking of all is 72 percent said the show should just end after season 9. Tell us how you really feel?

Interestingly enough, while Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus, is being set up as the new sheriff in town (sort of), the survey shows fans want someone else. 40 percent noted they’d like Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, to be The Walking Dead‘s new main character. (Personally, I can’t argue with that choice.)

Coming in second place is a surprising nomination — Judith, aka a child who we never see, and when we do, is likely a different person every time. Daryl follows behind with just 15 percent supporting him as the lead, and after him Michonne and Carol.

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Even with a petition in the works to keep Lincoln on the show, it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing the last of Rick come season 9. If this is how fans feel about The Walking Dead, it could lower the show’s spot in our Fandom 250 rankings.

Will you continue to watch the show once Rick leaves? Share your thoughts on our own poll here.