Could we lose both Rick and Maggie on The Walking Dead next season?


The Walking Dead will see the last of Rick next season, and could possibly lose Maggie. Who will step up on the show to take their place?

The Walking Dead franchise has been hit with two major shakeups for season 9: Andrew Lincoln will exit the show next season, and Lauren Cohan could possibly leave with just six episodes slated for her character Maggie.

Collider exclusively reports that Andrew Lincoln’s character on the famed show, Rick, will come to an end — somehow — in season 9. Lincoln is set to appear in six episodes. Six. Just six. May we remind you that The Walking Dead has 16 episodes a season, split in half with an often epic midseason finale and heartbreaking (or cliffhanger) finale.

Just last season, we lost one of The Walking Dead‘s iconic and central characters, Carl. The backlash to Carl’s death was huge and gaping, especially since his character lived on and seemingly had more story to tell in the comics.

But Rick? He’s the center of the show, the leader of the pack. What does this loss mean for the rest of the survivors? Well, Walking Dead fans. We may have a replacement in one character who hasn’t graced the comics but has become a beloved fan favorite — Daryl Dixon. Collider adds there are rumblings of such things happening with Norman Reedus. AMC may offer the actor “substantial compensation” so he will “not only stay on board” but “take over the show’s leading role.”

If that doesn’t already have you breathing heavy with anxiety (or excitement, depending on how much you’re into Daryl), we also may see one other central character part ways with the show.

Deadline recently reported that Cohan will appear for six episodes in the first half of Walking Dead‘s season 9. This low appearance count is reportedly due to commitments with her newest show, ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier. We’ve been worried about Cohan returning fully to the show for some time due to reported issues with her contract. Plus with Cohan now being in high demand, it isn’t a surprise she would want to exit a zombie show that’s been decaying.

In this season’s finale, Maggie was portrayed as a possible nemesis to Rick. Mix that with the news of her low appearances this season, and we worry something terribly ominous is about to happen to her character.

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So… we’re definitely losing Rick, and Maggie may not be far behind. But Daryl could be here to keep us safe and warm from walkers in those dirty, muscly arms of his.