6 ways Chris Evans is the pure-hearted Cap we’ll always adore


Chris Evans may be Captain America but he is also another year older! For his birthday, we’re talking about why we love the Marvel actor!

Yes, Chris Evans is Captain America. That’s something everyone in the world knows, but there are also some incredible things about Chris that seem to go unnoticed. So today, on his 37th birthday, we’re going to take a look at what makes him so special.

From his very vocal viewpoints on Twitter to loving his dog more than anything in this world, Chris makes it easy for us to fangirl and fanboy over him!

Fighting for what is right

Twitter is a hard field to navigate but Chris does a great job of it by making sure he voices his opinions in a positive (and very Captain America) like way. If he’s not fighting Nazis on Twitter, he’s at least trying to bring positivity to everyone’s day.

Chris isn’t always active on Twitter, but when he is its likely making sure important issues are addressed and he clears up any negative air that there is. Basically, he just wants everyone to be safe and happy and if that’s not a very Steve Rogers move then I don’t know what is.

Left boob grab

If Chris thinks something is particularly funny, he has a tendency to hold his right hand over his chest, really his pecs, and laugh with his head tilted back. It is such a phenomenon that even his castmates have taken notice. Everyone wants to know what he finds so funny and, if he’s really laughing, he may even grab someone else’s left boob.

Truly, it just shows how wholesome he is.

Christopher’s Haven

Chris does some amazing work with organizations to help children. With Christopher’s Haven (an organization that helps with children who have been diagnosed with cancer), Chris spends his time making sure his status as Captain America does not go to waste.

If it isn’t dressing up as Steve and going to visit the children, it is trying to get them to Marvel events and just genuinely wanting to make sure these kids have some kind of hero to look up to.

His doggo, Dodger

Everyone loves a man and his best friend and it helps that Chris Evans has the cutest one out there. Dodger, a rescue dog that Evans can’t get enough of, may have more love from fans than the actor himself. The two have this strangely beautiful love story and, from all the videos and pictures, it seems like they can’t get enough of each other.

Honestly, it is just cute to see how much Chris loves his dog. He could choose not to share any pictures of them together but, instead, he shows the love he has for Dodger and it is adorable.

Speaking up about anxiety

It’s easy to think that celebrities don’t have anxiety. But the great thing about Chris is that he openly talks about his and how he handles “the noise.” For some fans, they became his fans not just because he was the Human Torch (and obviously Captain America) but rather because he isn’t afraid to talk about how anxiety still gets to him.

Often, we think of celebrities as having these perfect lives so it is nice to see Chris Evans openly tearing that down, making sure fans know about his anxiety and how he handles it to help those who love his work.

His support for our troops

While he plays a military man on screen, Chris is also a big supporter of those who truly risk their lives for America. Doing work with Team Red, White, and Blue, Chris does his part to support the troops. It is honorable and makes him even more of the Captain America we love and deserve.

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For many, Chris Evans is their favorite Chris and for good reason! He’s incredible and we hope he has a wonderful birthday!