15 unique gifts for the movie-loving Dad this Father’s Day

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Star Trek Phaser Remote Replica

Star Trek Phaser Remote Replica – Exclusive. Image via ThinkGeek.

Going back to dad’s Trekkie love, this particular gift might be exactly what he needs. This Star Trek Phaser Remote is a universal remote that will allow your dad to harmlessly blast his TV to his heart’s content.

Not only is this a universal remote control, but it requires gestures to work, which means that dad will get to fire his phaser whenever he wants to change the channel, play with the volume, or whatever else he needs to do.

This epic remote is a recreation of one of the last props to be used by a known-hero of the Star Trek universe. That’s right, this phaser really is the same as what Captain Kirk or Spock would have used to defeat the Romulans or Klingons.

Not only does this phaser work all on its own, but there is also a base attachment (which has a magnet) that allows this to go from being a stand-alone piece to having a pistol grip base. That’s right, dad can play with either a Phaser I or a Phaser II.

So let dad get his nerd on this Father’s Day, and play with this remote even in an actual phaser base.