E3 2018: Day 1 wrap-up


From some serious Super Smash Brothers news to a special Pokemon making an appearance, here’s E3’s Day 1 wrap-up.

Tuesday was Nintendo’s day to shine and they brought us some exciting news that makes sure everyone is going to want a Switch if they don’t already have one.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

We already knew Smash Bros. was coming to the switch, but Nintendo announced today what characters will be available for play. The answer? All of them. Every character that’s ever been in Smash Bros. will be available to play in the new Switch title. Ultimate also adds two new characters to the mix: Inklings from Splatoon 2 and Ridley from Metroid. The release date is set for December 7th, 2018.

GameCube controller

The GameCube controller has been a favorite for Smash Bros. tournament players and Nintendo announced that the iconic controller will be playable on the Switch for Ultimate. Wii U Adaptors and existing GameCube controllers will work, but Nintendo is also going to start manufacturing new adaptors and controllers — a good thing since original GameCube controllers are becoming harder and harder to come by.

Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party is another popular franchise that we knew would come to the Switch eventually. Using the Switch’s unique configuration, multiple Switch screens can be placed alongside each other to expand the playing board. We won’t have to wait too long to start hating our friends again as the new Super Mario Party is coming out on October 8th, 2018.


The game that everyone’s talking about and can’t stop playing has finally come to the Switch. In a fun surprise, it was announced no wait is needed — it is available now!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC

A new DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was announced and it’s officially titled Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna The Golden Country. No official release date yet, though it’s expected sometime in September 2018.

Mew comes with Poke Ball Plus

Last week we heard the news about the slew of new Pokémon games coming to the Switch, including Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. The special Joy-con controller that’s shaped like a Pokeball was also announced then and today it was revealed that Mew will come with the controller.

Octopath Traveler Demo

SquareEnix’s RPG is coming out very soon — July 13th to be exact — but players will get a chance to try out the game even sooner. On June 14th at the end of E3 a new demo will be available to play.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

A trailer for the new Fire Emblem game was shown at Nintendo’s conference with a prospective release of Spring 2019.

Overcooked 2

The sequel to Overcooked is coming to the Switch on August 7th. The multiplayer action of this crazy cooperative cooking game is a perfect addition to the Switch and it’s portable and party-game capabilities.

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Daemon X Machina

Giant mech battles in gorgeous Cel-shading set to heavy metal. What more could you ask for? There’s no official launch date for this title other than 2019, so we may have to wait quite a bit, unfortunately.