Check out June’s free PS Plus games that you can play now


While you might not have a ton of time with the release of Detroit: Become Human or upcoming E3 news, here’s what’s free for PS Plus subscribers this month.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will get access to Trials Fusion and XCOM 2 for the PlayStation 4. Additionally, Atomic Ninjas, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and Zombie Driver HD are available for the PlayStation 3. Lastly, Squares and Atomic Ninjas are available for the PS Vita. If you can put down Detroit: Become Human or Vampyr enough to snag these games, they’re worthy additions to your library.

Trials Fusion

While Trials Fusion was released all the way back in April of 2014, it’s certainly an oldie but goodie. Developed by Ubisoft entertainment, it nearly has a 5-star rating (out of over 6,000 reviews) on the PSN store. In Trials, you’ll race across courses full of obstacles in an attempt to set worldwide records. You can play against friends, participate in global tournaments, or enjoy the game alone.


XCOM 2 is another highly rated game available for free this month. This turn-based tactical game takes place twenty years after the first XCOM game. You’ll be in charge of the resistance fighting against the aliens that have occupied earth. There are multiple soldier classes that have their own skill trees you can customize, and you can also loot corpses of enemies to further upgrade your weapons. As a bonus, if you own a PS Vita, you’ll be able to use remote play with this title.

Atomic Ninjas

Available for PS3 and PS Vita, Atomic Ninjas is a platforming battle game. You’ll take control of one of eight ninjas and use the environment and abilities to get the best of your opponents. You can play against your friends either online or couch co-op. And if you lack friends or the skills to battle strangers online, you can always fight against bots. There are multiple game modes that are common among fighting games, such as capture the glad and deathmatch.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

The Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series is one of Ubisoft’s ongoing titles and the most current of the series was released in 2017. Future Soldier is a much older title, having released in 2012, and has gotten generally good reviews. The game is a third-person tactical shooter, has a lengthy campaign, and allows players to use active camo and drones in the fight. In addition to the campaign, like most shooter games, there’s a multiplayer mode with both competitive and co-op play.

Zombie Driver HD

This top-down driving fighting game reminds me of the old Urban Strike games. You’ll take control of a car, max it out with weapons, and fight against hordes of zombies. The campaign has you going against bosses and saving survivors or you can try out the survival or racing modes. The game has gotten positive reviews and is rated four out of five stars on PSN.


This PS Vita puzzle game has over 91 levels and utilizes the touchscreen, motion sensor, and rear touchpad. The objective is simple: turn all the grey squares blue. Once you finish all the levels, there’s an editor that lets you create your own levels.

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Overall, June is looking to be one epic month for gamers. What will you be playing this month?