20 of our favorite Tyrion Lannister moments because we’re going to miss him

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19. S7E5: Tyrion reunites with Jaime.

Another long-awaited reunion was the one between Tyrion and Jaime. The two once had a supportive and loving relationship, one that was upended when Tyrion murdered their father. Though Jaime always held a soft spot for his younger brother, he couldn’t overlook this betrayal.

Needless to say, Jaime isn’t too happy when Tyrion shows up at the Red Keep. Even Tyrion’s attempts to keep matters light make Jaime angry, especially when Tywin’s name is brought into it. Jaime angrily tells him not to speak of their father, leading to a sad but necessary conversation between the two.

The whole reunion highlights how much the two of them have changed as characters.

20. S7E7: Tyrion negotiates with Cersei.

By season seven, the only relationship tenser than Tyrion’s and Jaime’s is the one between Tyrion and his sister. Cersei and Tyrion have always disliked one another, something the show went to great lengths to emphasize during the earlier seasons.

When Tyrion enters Cersei’s chambers to negotiate a truce, it seems almost certain that she’ll kill him on the spot. But in a shocking turn of events, she doesn’t. And that decision makes it clear that though Cersei and Tyrion can’t stand each other, they also understand one another — perhaps better than anyone else.

That point is further driven home when Tyrion guesses that Cersei is pregnant. Even Jaime doesn’t catch onto this, but Tyrion does. Given his intuition when it comes to his sister, it’s really no surprise that he successfully gets her to agree to his terms. Of course, she’s already planning to go back on them, but we’re sure Tyrion has a plan for that as well.

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