20 of our favorite Tyrion Lannister moments because we’re going to miss him

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17. S7E3: Tyrion gives Jon some advice.

The dynamic between Jon and Tyrion disappears for seasons, mainly due to the fact that the two of them spend the majority of the show on the opposite ends of Westeros. But their lack of shared screen time only makes their reunion more satisfying to watch.

When Jon accepts Daenerys’ invite to come to Dragonstone, he’s disappointed to discover that she isn’t interested in helping them fight the Night King. But Tyrion, as always, acts as the diplomat.

He explains to Jon that he can’t expect Daenerys to drop everything to aid the Northerners against an enemy she has never seen. He does, however, suggest that Jon ask her for something she can give: dragon glass. His clever suggestion allows Dany and Jon to find common ground, and it makes fans love him even more.

18. S7E4: Tyrion watches Daenerys burn the Lannister forces.

If any moment highlights Tyrion’s hesitation to wage war on his family, it’s this one. Despite his loyalty to Daenerys, he does everything in his power to ensure that she takes King’s Landing as peacefully as possible. Unfortunately, Cersei makes that a difficult feat.

When Daenerys realizes she cannot defeat Cersei without extreme measures, she decides to fight the next battle on the back of her dragon. And it’s painful, watching Tyrion bear witness as she burns the Lannister army.

But the most painful moment is when Jaime charges at Daenerys. Unable to stop his brother, Tyrion just mutters that his brother is an idiot. But he’s clearly worried. Thankfully, Bronn saves Jaime before he gets scorched by Drogon.