Lady Gaga is our Wonder Woman of the Week for her A Star Is Born role


Lady Gaga is wowing us by starring in her first feature film, A Star Is Born, with the challenge giving her a win for our Wonder Woman Of The Week!

We’ve loved Lady Gaga for years for her all-inclusive attitude, epitomized by her Manifesto of Mother Monster during her “Born This Way” music video. Now Gaga is giving all her little monsters a new reason to adore her with her daring decision to take on A Star Is Born.

The recently released trailer for A Star Is Born shows an almost unrecognizable Lady Gaga. The songstress looks stunningly different without her usual ornate makeup and over-the-top costumes as she stars in the fourth version of the film.

Watch the trailer for A Star Is Born here:

Lady Gaga takes on her first leading role in a major film: Meet Gaga 3.0

In agreeing to co-star with Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born, Lady Gaga showed her courage. First, she’s chosen to branch out with what is her very first leading role in a major motion picture. Moreover, Gaga follows a series of famous actresses in the role. Janet Gaynor starred in the first version of A Star Is Born, followed by Judy Garland in the first remake and Barbra Streisand in the second remake.

And beyond those factoids, Lady Gaga is showing her courage in becoming what we’re going to dub Gaga 3.0. Lady Gaga began as a singer and songwriter, crafting albums such as Born This Way that topped the music charts. Gaga then began her 2.0 evolution, from teaming up with the music legend Tony Bennett for another chart-topping album, Cheek to Cheek, to taking home a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress as a TV actress in American Horror Story: Hotel. And now, it’s time to meet Lady Gaga 3.0.

A Star Is Born (Again)

In A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga plays Ally, a woman who longs to become a singer. She gets help from an older musician who has his own issues, Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper). Cooper also directed the feature film, which Gaga described as a “dream come true and an honor” on Twitter.

While Lady Gaga’s fans went gaga for their gal, the novice actress also received praise from her peers. Actress/singer Lea Michele was among those expressing their excitement for Gaga.

In addition to marking Gaga’s first feature film, A Star Is Born showcases Bradley Cooper‘s debut as a director. To make the movie feel even more realistic, Cooper and Lady Gaga sang live. Part of A Star Is Born was filmed at the Glastonbury and Coachella music festivals.

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The film’s original music includes songs penned by Gaga herself, as well as other artists. A Star Is Born is scheduled for release October 5th.