This photo confirms Andrew Lincoln’s end as Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead


A director of The Walking Dead shares a photo bidding Andrew Lincoln goodbye, saying the show “will be different but it will still be great.”

Andrew Lincoln’s time on The Walking Dead is coming to an end. While fans petition for him to stay on the show, a now-deleted Instagram shows TWD director Michael Satrazemis with Lincoln and a goodbye message.

Posted by Reddit user mc_donkey a few days ago, the photo shows Satrazemis with Lincoln all bloodied up. His Instagram caption touches on the eight years Lincoln’s been on the show and the impact he’s made.

The full caption reads:

"Many of us have spent the last 8 yrs of our lives living, working, creating, high giving, hugging and sometimes even bleeding real blood with Andy. All to make something special. He is one of the greatest men I’ve ever met. And a friend. It will be different but it will still be great. All of us who love making TWD keep creating our a–es off and sometimes even bleed for you."

While the photo was posted (and then taken down) recently, it’s actually from when Satrazemis and Lincoln were on set for season 5. Lincoln’s looking pretty gross, covered in blood and all, as he was shooting the scene when he called Daryl Dixon his “brother.”

Satrazemis isn’t the only one sharing sentimental pics of the Walking Dead lead. Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on the show, shared this touching black and white photo of the two. The caption? A simple heart.

While this photo solidifies the end of Rick Grimes, when The Walking Dead will end is uncertain. For now, there’s no solid evidence the series will finish with season 9, despite losing prime characters like Rick and also recently, Maggie (Lauren Cohan).

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With Reedus potentially getting a hefty contract, and becoming the new “lead” of the show, we’re curious where The Walking Dead will venture without a certain sheriff in town.