20 best moments from Sex and the City

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Carrie trying not to cry during Charlotte’s wedding photos (“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”)

Carrie Bradshaw may be an icon, but sometimes, she makes some really stupid decisions. One of those decisions is when she has an affair with Mr. Big while she’s still dating Aidan.

Aidan and Mr. Big are completely different types of men. Mr. Big was the big city business type, and Aidan was just a sweet country boy. Carrie knows that she needs to tell Aidan about the affair, but she can’t figure out the right time to do it, and it’s eating her up inside.

After Carrie finally tells Aidan about the infidelity, he chooses just about the worst time to come and break things off with Carrie: at Charlotte and Trey’s wedding. When the wedding party is exiting the church, Carrie spots Aidan walking by and goes over to talk to him. She gives him a tearful apology about how she never meant to hurt him and doesn’t want that mistake to break them up for good, but Aidan is still too hurt.

Being the good guy Aidan is, he doesn’t get angry. Instead, he remains calm and tells Carrie that it’s not that simple and that he needs to be alone for a while. Carrie is left bawling on the sidewalk when she gets called over for some wedding photos on the steps.

Despite the tears streaming down her face, Carrie puts on a smile and wipes away her tears for her best friend Charlotte’s big day. And even though we don’t feel bad for Carrie, since she put herself in that situation, it’s hard to see her so heartbroken when her friends are so happy. It’s another example of why friends are the most important people in your life.

As Carrie says in the voiceover, “It’s hard to find people that will love you no matter what. I was lucky enough to find three of them.”