20 best moments from Sex and the City

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Samantha vs. The Hookers (“Cock-a-Doodle-Doo”)

Samantha Jones is a hard-working, sex-loving kind of gal, and if you try to get in the way of either of those things, she will take you down. And that’s exactly what happened when she had some rowdy neighbors that just wouldn’t shut up.

On the episode “Cock-a-Doodle-Doo” from season 3, Samantha and Carrie are both dealing with a noisy neighbor problem, but not in the way you think. Carrie was having issues with the animal hospital next door to her apartment, who left their roosters on the roof to crow at the crack of dawn every day. Samantha had to put up with a group of prostitutes who did business on the sidewalk outside her (very expensive) apartment building in the early morning hours.

Being the sex-positive woman she is, she didn’t immediately try and shut them down. First, she ignores them, but vents to the girls about the hookers over brunch. Another night, she had enough, so she uses her PR skills to try and reason with them. They’re all just career girls, right?

Destiny, Jo, and Chyna agree to take their business down the street but are back at it again a few nights later. And this time, Samantha wasn’t alone. As Carrie says in the voiceover, “the idea that she’d miss a night’s sleep pissed Samantha off. The idea that she’d miss an orgasm was more than she could bear.”

This time, Sam yells at them to shut up, threatens to call the police, and throws a big pot of water right out her window, knocking one of their wigs right off.

While the scene has not aged well (a certain word gets thrown around way too much), it’s still classic SATC and classic Samantha. We’re talking about Samantha Jones here, and she always gets her way, no matter what the problem is. Even if that problem is a few streetwalkers hanging outside her window!