20 best moments from Sex and the City

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Samantha smashes the window in the Hamptons (“I Love a Charade”)

If there was one man who really got under Samantha’s skin, it was Richard. He was basically the male Samantha, his life revolved around business and sex, and he was a known player. But unlike Samantha, he was cruel and played games with Samantha until she finally had to stay away from him. But before any of that, she hosts a party at Richard’s house in the Hamptons, and it did not go well.

The girls head out to the Hamptons for a wedding, between a seemingly gay, flamboyant lounge singer and a straight woman. While they’re there, Samantha throws a small shindig at Richard’s house, but he’s obviously not there. Much to Samantha’s surprise, there are two very young girls traipsing around the property in little bikinis.

Apparently, Richard gave them an open invitation to use the pool whenever they wanted and Samantha is not happy about it, especially when she finds them rummaging around in the kitchen in the middle of her party. It may be Richard’s house, as they so snottily point out, but Samantha paid for all the food and drinks stocked for the party, and she was not about to let those airheads get their grubby paws on them.

Samantha snaps on the girls, and mimics their huge breast implants by putting two melons in front of her chest. When one of them makes a comment about Richard (“well maybe if you did [have fake breasts] you’d be out here with Richard”), Samantha launches a melon straight at their heads… and it smashes through the patio window.