20 best moments from Sex and the City

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The Tantric Sex workshop (“Was It Good For You?”)

It’s no surprise that Charlotte is a huge prude. She’s a prim, proper WASP and isn’t as wild and open with her sexuality as the other girls. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have sex. Unfortunately, one bad experience made her doubt her skills in the bedroom.

Charlotte is dating Dr. Bram Walker, and one night when they’re getting hot and heavy, things kinda went downhill. Bram dozes off right in the middle of their session, because of a grueling day of surgery, but Charlotte immediately freaks out and assumes it means she’s boring in bed. You can’t really blame Charlotte for worrying about that, but this is Charlotte, so she needed to find a solution ASAP.

Her solution was to take a tantric sex workshop and insisted the girls go with her. It seems like the workshop was a little more intimate than they expected. Along with a handful of other women, they find themselves in the home of a psychologist couple, and the wife who is running the class demonstrate her techniques on her husband.

The ladies keep cracking jokes and giggling while Charlotte furiously takes notes, but when things start getting intense, the girls can’t look away. Then the doctor’s husband finishes and unfortunately, something makes its way to Miranda’s hair. Even Charlotte finds it hard to stifle a laugh at that point!

It worked out well for Charlotte in the end, though. She went home and used her new skills on her doctor beau, and he definitely wasn’t falling asleep that night!